Introducing FARE’s New Website

New identity – new website. We are thrilled to launch the new, FARE’s online home and your go-to source for evidence-based information about food allergies.


Yes, we’ve received a makeover resulting in a vibrant new look. But more importantly, we have designed our site with you in mind, introducing easy-to-use navigation that helps you quickly find the information you’re looking for. In developing our new site, our web team consulted parents of children with food allergies, adults managing food allergies, physicians, school nurses and others to learn more about the information and features they wanted to be sure were included.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the great new features you’ll find on the site:

  • Leading Food Allergy Content – the new brings together the well-respected online resources developed by FAAN and FAI with new features and content – all organized in an intuitive way.
  • Easy-to-use Navigation Designed with You in Mind – Searching for tips for dining out or resources for teens? Just hover over our Tools & Resources menu, and you’ll quickly locate the most relevant information and links. You can also find information designed specifically for you in our “Resources For …” section, which organizes content by user categories, and our “Managing Food Allergies At..” section, which provide tips tailored to managing food allergies in different situations and environments.
  • True Stories – Time and time again, we’ve heard you say how helpful it is to hear from others who live with food allergies. That’s why we’ve included “True Stories,” where teens and adults share their experiences. You can check them out on the homepage. If you are interested in submitting your own short story, email
  • Connect with Your Regional Office – look up your regional office and connect with FARE staff in your area so that you can learn more about how you to get involved and make an impact in your community. continues to provide educational resources for all those affected by food allergies, as well as the programs and tools that educators, healthcare workers, policymakers, food industry professionals and others have come to rely upon from our legacy organizations. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding additional content to many sections and launching great new features.

Our website is a critical component of FARE’s mission to provide evidence-based education and resources and to increase awareness of food allergies as a serious public health issue. We hope you’ll be a frequent visitor to our site and that you’ll refer others to

FARE-Funded Researcher Featured in New York Times Article

FARE-funded researcher Dr. Kari Nadeau is featured in a New York Times Magazine article – “The Allergy Buster.”The piece is the magazine’s cover story for Sunday, March 10, 2013. FARE is proud to support world-class food allergy research and clinical trials nationwide, including Dr. Nadeau’s.

While oral immunotherapy, the treatment featured in the article, has shown encouraging results in clinical trials, it should not be performed outside the academic research setting.

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