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2017 Peanut-Sensitive Baseball Games


Attending a baseball game is a long-standing summer tradition for many individuals and families. More and more baseball teams are recognizing that attending a game is challenging for people with peanut allergies and now offer special peanut-aware events. The Oakland A’s have even gone so far as to offer a dedicated peanut-sensitive suite at all home games.

FARE makes information about these events available to the public and partners on a community level with peanut-sensitive and peanut-aware sporting events across the country. Please note that FARE plays no role in the organization or policing of activity of these events, and FARE does not offer stadium preparation guidelines for these games. Each stadium may use different preparation practices and FARE encourages individuals to reach out directly to the venue to learn more about their efforts.

Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves will host peanut-aware night at SunTrust Park on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 @ 7:35 PM.

Baltimore Orioles

A Peanut Allergy Suite is available for select games in 2017. The suite will be cleaned thoroughly before each game and reserved for fans with peanut allergies.

The Oriole Park Peanut Allergy Suite is available on June 30 vs. Tampa Bay; July 31 vs. Kansas City; August 18 vs. Los Angeles-AL; and August 28 vs. Seattle. Tickets for this suite are available via phone order only at 888-848-BIRD.

Birmingham Barons

The Birmingham Barons will hold a peanut-reduced game on June 28th. Regions Field will undergo a week-long cleaning and pressure washing prior to June 28th to remove all traces of peanuts. All peanuts and peanut products will also be removed from the ballpark to allow fans with peanut allergies to enjoy America’s favorite pastime in complete comfort.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox has 4 peanut allergy sensitive games planned in 2017. These games are Sunday, May 14th, Tuesday, June 27th, Sunday, July 30th and Sunday, Aug 6th. To purchase tickets contact or call the fan services department at 617-226-6831.

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox will host an Allergy Awareness game on July 16. Tickets must be ordered by July 7. You can find more information here.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals are pleased to offer Peanut Friendly Games at The K. A private suite will be made available for eight select games at Kauffman Stadium for the 2017 Regular Season. The remaining games this season are June 25, July 1, July 16, July 22, August 6, August 22, and September 28.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers will offer Peanut-Controlled Areas at their June 30, July 14, August 9, and September 21 games. Peanuts will not be allowed in Section 306 and 307 and signs will be up to alert other fans of the special circumstances.

Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are offering Peanut-Controlled games on July 9, July 18, August 18, September 3, and September 17. To order your tickets call Luis Breazeale at (612) 659-3575, or fax the order form to (612) 659-4030 or email order to

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees will hold peanut-aware nights on July 8 and August 25.  Contact Contact Cristina Campana at or 646-977-8048 for more information.

Oakland A’s

The Oakland A’s have introduced a peanut-sensitive zone for all games at the Oakland Coliseum in 2017. No peanuts will be allowed in the section and it will be cleaned prior to each game. One entrance to the Coliseum will be designated as peanut-controlled. This section will not have separate restrooms or concessions so fans may still be exposed to peanuts in other areas of the ballpark.

Reading Fightin Phils

The Reading Fightin Phils will hold a peanut-aware game on July 13. For more information, contact Brian Wells at

Pawtucket Red Sox

The Pawtucket Red Sox will be hosting peanut allergy-friendly games on July 17 and August 21 at McCoy Stadium. Tickets are available for $9 and may be purchased here or by calling 401.721.5172.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies will offer Peanut Reduced Suites for seven select games at Citizens Bank Park during the 2017 season. The remaining games in this season are July 3, July 22, August 13, and September 18.

San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres will be hosting a Peanut-Controlled Zone at Petco Park on Sunday, July 30th. Preparations for the event include power-washing the seating section, placing emergency responders nearby, removing items with peanut-related ingredients in the immediate area, and posting “No Peanut Zone” signs around the section. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to FARE.

To purchase tickets click here and enter the password: PEANUT17

For more information, contact Jenna Sain at

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants will hold a Peanut Allergy Friendly Day on Monday, July 24th. The Giants have set aside section VR 336 as a peanut-sensitive Section where Giants fans managing peanut allergies can enjoy the ballgame for $9.00 per ticket. Each person with a Peanut Allergy Friendly ticket for VR 336 will be required to sign a waiver before entering the section. To purchase tickets, click here.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have designated five games in the 2017 season with peanut-reduced seating sections. These games are scheduled for May 20, June 2, July 25, and August 10.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays has 15 peanut and nut allergy friendly games planned in 2017. Section 204 will be designated and will be cleaned thoroughly prior to each of these games. A specific entrance and ticket desk will be designated peanut/nut-reduced and additional staff and emergency personnel will be available near the peanut/nut-reduced zone.

Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals are offering a peanut-aware section at seven home games in 2017. However, tickets for these sections are sold out.

Wisconsin Timbler Rattlers

The Wisconsin Timbler Rattlers will hold peanut-sensitive nights on June 22 and 23rd. The stadium will be thoroughly cleaned ahead of time and a FARE representative will be there to help raise food allergy awareness.

Do you know of a peanut-aware game that is not listed? Let us know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “2017 Peanut-Sensitive Baseball Games

    1. they have? I have been going to games forever… if I purchase $80 seats why do I have to sit somewhere else where the seats may not be as good? It would just be nice if people would be a little bit more sensitive to the needs of others.

      1. Yes, They have done it for at least the last 4 years. May I suggest buying the ADA seats if you don’t want to sit in a specific area that isn’t as good. These are folding chairs with plenty of room for the kids to move around. The ushers and usher supervisors are very good and will work with you if you notify them of the allergy. They will wipe down the seats, railings, etc. I have two children with peanut and tree nut allergies, have season tickets in 353 WC, have been taking them to games for 10 years and have never had a problem.

  1. Shocked that the New York Yankees don’t have anything yet??? We went a few weeks ago with my 3 kids and my 11 yr allergic daughter was so carefully about stepping over peanut shells on the floor in our row. SCARY!!!!

  2. I went on the Atlanta Braves website to check out some info about this game and tickets are $75 per person for the “peanut free” area… The prices should be more accessible to fans, this is way to much money for a ticket, specially when they are advertising sale price tickets for that particular game at $7.50 per person… insane! 🙁

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