Food Allergy-Friendly Summer Camps

312451_10150318964367416_1330614613_nWith the school year winding down, kids across the country are counting down the days until summer. For many kids, summer will include attending a camp.

Ensuring a safe (and fun!) camp experience for children with food allergies requires camp staff, physicians, parents, and campers to work together. Our website contains many helpful tips on how to choose a camp and prepare your child. Additionally, our Resources for Camps page can be a great tool to send to camp staff prior to your child’s arrival.

We’re also introducing a new resource – a list of camps that cater to children with food allergies. There are many camps across the country that are either designed specifically for children with food allergies or welcome campers with food allergies. These camps remove certain allergens from their sites, have instituted procedures for anaphylactic emergencies, and have medical personnel on location who are trained in administering epinephrine.

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Please note that FARE does not certify, review, or accredit camps. Parents should complete a thorough and independent review of a camp’s practices and procedures to ensure their safety and capacity to accommodate a child with food allergies.

The camp list is a work in progress, and we look forward to hearing from members of the community about camps that have been great partners in providing your child a safe and inclusive camp experience.

Do you know of a camp that’s great for kids with food allergies? Tell us about it in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that FARE does not endorse, promote, or benefit from listing these camps.This information is provided only as a resource to the food allergy community. FARE has not independently confirmed the completeness or accuracy of the information provided herein. FARE does not assume any responsibility for, or warrant, the representations or offers made within this directory. Nor does FARE assume responsibility for the actions of camps or camp staff members.

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  1. They make it safe and easy to attend camp with multiple allergies and/or celiac-gluten free diet. Everyone is confident and reassuring which really helps boosts self esteem in the food allergic kids without any alienation.

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