Let’s Make it Food Allergy Awareness YEAR!

We heard from many of you who helped spread the word during Food Allergy Awareness Week – from going into your children’s classrooms to educate students and teachers, to sharing your story with local media outlets, to helping secure Food Allergy Awareness Week proclamations in your state.

Big and small, every step we take to educate and raise awareness in our communities gets us one step closer to ensuring safety and inclusion for those living with food allergies. These are a few of the great things we saw happen in honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week:

Blue Ridge Elementary School Advocating

  1. Members of the Northeast Georgia Food Allergy Support Group gave a presentation about food allergies in every elementary school in their county. Dressed in teal, they reached more than 1000 children and educators!
  2. Extreme athlete Mike Monroe powered through 24 hours of continuous rowing, raising more than $37,000 for FARE during his Odyssey Against Food Allergies.
  3. First-grader Spencer made a video about how to use an epinephrine auto-injector. 
  4. Celebrities like Jerome Bettis, Julie Bowen, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, Kenton Duty, Rhonda Adkins, and Chef Ming Tsai helped raise awareness.

Last week was a success, but we want to make sure that the momentum built does not end now. So here are a few ways you can take action to help raise awareness throughout the year:

  1. Share our “It’s Not a Joke” public service announcement with a school, scout troop, camp, or other community group. We heard from one food allergy mom whose daughter viewed the PSA with her classmates; it was also shown in every classroom in the school. Afterward her daughter felt that her classmates empathized with her and became more aware of the seriousness of food allergies. The mother said, “The PSA shown today at school made an impact on our entire family.” For tips on how to prevent and address food allergy bullying, visit our website: www.foodallergy.org/document.doc?id=192
  2. Join a FARE Walk for Food Allergy. Participating in or sponsoring a walk can be a great way for you to get involved and raise funds with other families in your community who are living with food allergies. To register please visit www.foodallergywalk.org or you can sponsor a walk by contacting your Regional Office.
  3. Expand and leverage your network. Do you know a politician, school administrator, celebrity, or business owner who could help spread the word, raise funds, or advocate for those living with food allergies? Talk to them! Has a support group not been established yet in your area? Start one!

We truly appreciate all of the extra efforts you made to raise awareness about food allergies last week, and we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together! Please tell us about what you’re doing to increase awareness in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Make it Food Allergy Awareness YEAR!

  1. Nevada is hopefully voting in the Assembly on their stock epinephrine bill today, which is so very exciting! Many people have been working tirelessly – attending hearings, writing letters and emails, you name it. The excitement over something positive like the bill going to the Governor’s desk this legislative session will be a great excuse to spread awareness about food allergies in explaining why this bill matters.

    I had no idea until I joined a FARE walk committee for the first time how much work goes into the walk and how the acts of fundraising and seeking sponsors are an awareness exercise in and of themselves. Even if people say “no” or “I can’t help right now” what they’re giving you is their attention to have a dialogue about food allergies and that matters. Little things really matter.

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