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FARE Food Allergy Fundraising Champion: David Stotarczyk

friedelIf there are 6 million kids with food allergies in the U.S., that means there are also millions of “food allergy grandpas.” Jordan Friedel’s grandfather David recently showed us how, with simple and earnest outreach, a community can pull together to support a worthy cause.

David is the president of his local Communication Workers Association union in Detroit. While his fellow union members know him as typically being “all business,” at a recent meeting he stood at the podium in the name of food allergy awareness, wearing his “No Nuts for Jordan” t-shirt instead of his usual CWA Local 4050 shirt (“No Nuts for Jordan” is the Friedel family’s team name for the FARE Walk in Columbus, OH). He shared the story of a recent tragedy that deeply touched the food allergy community, the death of 13-year-old Natalie Giorgi, and then told them all about his own granddaughter Jordan who lives every day with life-threatening nut allergies. He explained that he was walking in the FARE Walk to help raise money to find a cure.

friedel2He held up an envelope and said, “If each of you could spare one dollar, together we could add $150 to this important cause.” To his surprise, every member of the union lined up to donate and he ended up collecting $274! With the love and support of his family members, Jordan’s team was the top fundraiser in Columbus, contributing more than $2,700!

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