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FARE Kids Who Care: Aron Rabin

AronandGoldaSix-year-old Aron Rabin approached his mom one day with an idea for a way to raise money to “help doctors find a cure for food allergies.” Aron, who is allergic to tree nuts and fish, wanted to make awareness bracelets to sell to friends and family. What started as a simple idea has grown into a hugely successful fundraiser! Aron has raised $1,115 so far selling bracelets, and has helped spread awareness and educate others in the process. We asked Aron a few questions about himself and his fundraiser:

1. What are your food allergies? What’s it like having food allergies?
I am allergic to tree nuts and fish. I feel alone sometimes. Some people have lunches with nuts and fish in it and I can’t sit with them. It makes me feel kind of sad that I can’t be with my friends at lunch.

2. Tell us about how you have been fundraising for FARE.
My mom and I made bracelets to sell to our friends and family to raise money. We made teal, black, and glow in the dark options.

3. Why did you want to do it? Why was it important to you?
I wanted to raise money to give to doctors so they could make a medicine or liquid that would make my allergies go away. I feel it’s very important so I don’t feel alone.

bracelets4. How can you be a good friend to someone with food allergies?
The truth is that some people are different than others but you can still be their friend and treat them nicely!

5. What advice would you give a kid or a friend who was just diagnosed with food allergies?
I would tell them to always check with people who serve them food to make sure it’s safe. I would also tell them to read labels.

Thank you to Aron and the Rabin family for your support and for being an inspiration to other kids!

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