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Q&A with Dr. Michael Young: Does Early Exposure to Nuts Lower a Child’s Allergy Risk?

Last month, we received significant feedback from the food allergy community on our blog post about a recently published study, “Prospective study of peripregnancy consumption of peanuts or tree nuts by mothers and the risk of peanut or tree nut allergy in their offspring,” which was published in JAMA Pediatrics. To help clarify some of… Continue reading Q&A with Dr. Michael Young: Does Early Exposure to Nuts Lower a Child’s Allergy Risk?

FARE's Mail Bag

Questions from FARE’s Mail Bag

Every day we receive dozens of phone calls, emails, and letters from individuals and families who have questions about food allergies. Below are answers to just a handful of these questions that we have received recently and thought others may benefit from knowing as well. Can a person with a peanut and/or tree nut allergy… Continue reading Questions from FARE’s Mail Bag


Celebrating Food Allergy Friends

A good friend can make you laugh, have your back, and be there for you when you have a tough day. We hear from kids with food allergies all the time that their friends are such an important part of their support system. Tayvon and Katie are two remarkable kids – while they do not… Continue reading Celebrating Food Allergy Friends

FARE Kids Who Care

FARE Kids Who Care: Connor deMayo

Connor deMayo, a high school sophomore, just became an Eagle Scout after completing a community service project designed around making restaurants in his town more allergy aware. He enlisted the help of the boys in his Boy Scout troop and set out to educate the restaurants in New Canaan, Connecticut on food allergy safety. With guidance from a… Continue reading FARE Kids Who Care: Connor deMayo


Food Allergy Reactions – What to Do in an Emergency

Food allergy reactions are unpredictable. The way that your body reacts to a food allergy one time cannot be used to predict how it will react the next time. Because the symptoms of anaphylaxis — a severe allergic reaction that is potentially fatal – can worsen quickly, reactions must be treated right away. Seconds count! Symptoms… Continue reading Food Allergy Reactions – What to Do in an Emergency


Sparking Valentine’s Romance Without Triggering Allergies

By: Kristen Kauke Valentine’s Day is the ancient rite of celebrating love by exchanging romantic expressions with the person who embraces your heart. Gifts such as cards, candy, flowers and other tokens attempt to convey your utmost adoration and affection for your Valentine. If your Valentine has food allergies, you might find traditional attempts at… Continue reading Sparking Valentine’s Romance Without Triggering Allergies


Valentine’s Day Tips for Parents

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest of all the holidays, both in sentiment and in sweet treats. But with candy and confections being shared and parties being thrown, it’s also a good time to review some basics of effective food allergy management. Here are some helpful reminders for parents of children with food allergy as this… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Tips for Parents