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Know the Difference: Milk Allergy vs. Dairy Allergy vs. Lactose Intolerance


Milk allergy should not be confused with lactose intolerance. Milk allergy is a food allergy, which is an overreaction of the immune system to a specific food protein. When the food protein is ingested, it can trigger an allergic reaction that may include a range of symptoms from mild symptoms (rashes, hives, itching, swelling, etc.) to severe symptoms (trouble breathing, wheezing, loss of consciousness, etc.). Reactions to milk can be severe and life-threatening (read more about anaphylaxis).

Milk allergy is sometimes referred to as dairy allergy, but this term should be used with caution. Dairy is a category of products that contain cow’s milk. Since this is a product category – not a single ingredient (such as milk) – it is not listed in ingredient statements on processed foods. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act requires that products containing milk list it as an ingredient, and so when teaching others about this allergy, using the term milk instead of dairy can help them better read ingredient labels. The term “dairy allergy” can also cause confusion with egg allergy since eggs are usually located near the dairy product case in the grocery store. Using the specific term – milk allergy – helps to eliminate this confusion.

Unlike food allergies, food intolerances do not involve the immune system. People who are lactose intolerant are missing the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose, a sugar found in milk and dairy products. As a result, individuals who are lactose intolerant are unable to digest these foods, and may experience symptoms such as nausea, cramps, gas, bloating and diarrhea. While lactose intolerance can cause great discomfort, it is not life-threatening.

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  1. Good article, but I will still use the term “dairy allergy” freely. I find that when I use the term “milk allergy” people ask if my daughter can eat cheese, yogourt etc. or if it’s just milk that she’s allergic to. When I say “dairy allergy” they get it faster.

    1. 47 years old and just found out I’m allergic to milk. I haven’t see anything about this in the comments so far except one kid with heartburn issues…so hopefully this information will help someone.
      I have just been diagnosed with EOE. I have had heartburn/acid reflux/swallowing issues every day for 14 years and treating with tums and meds. I had 4 endoscopies and with each one the dr. gave me more meds to treat the symptoms. FINALLY with this last endoscopy, a doctor took the extra steps to figure this out…I have increased white blood cells in my esophagus and was diagnosed this as EOE (Eosinophilic esophagitis). The only way to properly diagnosis is with an endoscopy. This is a rather newly found “disease,” so many primary doctors may not know about it. But luckily my GI and allergist did. Milk is the most common cause of EOE in both children and adults.
      I’m 2 weeks milk free and symptom free. I hope this information helps someone get to a diagnosis much faster thank I did.

      1. Kathleen, I am glad you posted.

        My daughter was diagnosed with EOE a few years ago and it helped her to eliminate milk too. One thing that was misleading was that she passed all the skin prick tests for allergies. Dairy count was slightly elevated but was dismissed at first by allergist. Moreover, after 1 month milk elimination, she didn’t think that was her allergy. A clear endoscopy proved otherwise. It took her probably 8 weeks to really feel better without milk.

      2. Hi Kathleen, my daughter is 11 and has been suffering with stomach issue since she is 15 months old. At the age of 6, she had an endoscopy which was all “normal”, it still continues to have stomach pains, vomiting, bloating, gas, constipation and sometimes difficulties swallowing. She was tested for celiac and that was negative as well, had stomach and pelvic sonograms, all normal. My husband and my brother both suggested it could be lactose or dairy, so we cut it out for four days and she finally felt better after three months of torture. I took her to yet another gastroenterologist yesterday, who said it doesn’t seem like dairy or lactose, lol, it seems like acid reflux. (Which is what the other Dr. assumed before he did the endoscopy)
        I’m relieved to hear your story, because now I have something else to go on. Thank you!

      3. I am 57 and diagnosed with EOE in January of this year. Allergist couldn’t find allergy but my naturopath ran An Elisa Test which showed numerous food allergies. Why am I allergic to milk and cheese from cows but not yogurt?

      4. I am 43 years old and have been living with EOE symptoms since I was a child. My first endoscopy was at the age of 11 when I was having chest pains and trouble swallowing. I had an ulcer in my esophagus and one in my duodenum. The doctor took biopsies and then prescribed me Tagament. I was not diagnosed with EOE at that time as EOE was not well know back then. That was back in 1984. Since then I had been living with problems swallowing, GERD, stomach and chest pains. Every doctor I saw just blamed my GERD for the condition so I continued to take antacids and avoid certain foods that seemed to cause my condition until 2006 when I made a trip to Texas. The Mountain Cedar pollen was very high during my visit. I was coughing and my GERD symptoms had increased along with increased chest pain. When I got back home in California, I made an appointment with my new primary doctor. He sent me for an endoscopy and at that time I was diagnosed with EOE and gastritis. Turned out he had one other patient who had been diagnosed with EOE and recognized my symptoms. I also had allergy testing done which indicated environmental allergies, but my food allergies were all inconclusive. My condition is due to environmental allergies and not food allergies. Coastal and desert areas are best for me and high pollen areas are the worst. I have periodic flare-ups depending on the different stages of flowering of plants and trees. That being said, certain foods can irritate my already inflamed EOE. Foods with MSG and chemical preservatives, oranges, melons, and bananas add to the inflammation. But I am able to eat these items when I am not having a flare-up.

        I just wanted to let others with EOE out there know that their condition could be due environmental allergies also and the food sensitivity may be a side effect rather than the cause.

  2. I agree ^^

    My daughter had a dairy, egg, and peanut allergy diagnosis statting at about age 2. She has luckily outgrown the egg allergy but still tests positive for dairy and peanut. I am constantly having people ask me if she can have cheese or butter. I have to explain to them that dairy is dairy! No cheese, no milk, no butter, no sour cream, no yogurt, nada! Thank God she is very aware of her allergies and if she doesn’t know she doesn’t chance it. (And she is only 6) Even though none of her allergies have ever been life threathening (only causes hives and swollen eyes) we never know if the next reaction will be.

    1. I have found cheese and butter to be very common in breadcrumbs, meatballs, pizza sauce, sub/grinder toppings, artisan breads and salad dressings. Hidden places that I learned about the hard way. Nothing like going out to eat with friends and finding out too late that there is cheese in their herb/italian dressing, or that they use real butter to toast the bun for your turkey burger, or soak their fish/calamari/chicken in buttermilk.

  3. From reading the article i think it will help some people out there. Just a small thing my son cant digest milk and hes not lactose intolerent. He cant have any milk product from any animal but has the same symptums as lactose. I feel people who are trying o find an answer to their or childs problem may read this and get a little confused.

    1. You mention that he can’t have milk from any animal. I don’t know which you have tried. I find myself to be most tolerant to water buffalo. “The real mozzarella.” With cow milk, I am allergic to the fat only. I am not lactose intolerant. Lactaid gave me a severe intestinal reaction. I use non-fat dry powdered milk with no issues.

      1. Nothing like a snarky remark in a comment section refering to a medical condition.Do people Realy need to to type up a thirty page theasis to get their point a cross? No. I understood he question clearly.
        I just found out that i am allergic to Milk. Came here to find out what that means as I LOVE milk.Figured commenters will have insite.

    2. Thanks Becky. It’s all new and confusing to me. Glad to hear I’m on the right track. The allergist told me this wasn’t possible. Not sure what route to go Doctor wise, or to just keep the dairy protein away from him?

  4. I also agree that it is more impt to specifiy dairy as the allergy since whey and butter and all other dairy products are off limits and if you just say milk people do think that other food items like cheese yogurt some breads and things with dairy or milk in then are also off limits

    1. Only stupid people think that. I don’t like to alter my vocabulary just to the meet standards of people who won’t put even the slightest bit of thought into things. That’s like thinking it’s okay to give a peanut butter sandwich to someone who has a peanut allergy. If it has milk in it then it can cause a milk allergy.

    1. Yes. I have both. I am allergic to the enzyme in milk which is what causes me to have an allergic reaction to it. Certain processes lessen that enzyme enough where I can actually have some dairy products. However, because I am also lactose intolerant, I may have some stomach upset which doesn’t have anything to do with the allergy itself.

  5. This also doesn’t cover MSPI or FPIES to dairy – where it’s not an anaphylactic reaction but a gastrointestinal reaction where the child can vomit until they go into shock.

  6. So what about milk protein intolerance? That’s what my son has: it’s the protein and not the lactose he can’t digest.

  7. Agreed allergy mom! When my son was newly diagnosed, even my family wouldn’t have known not to serve him cheese, yogurt, & certain baked goods if I just said milk allergy. I’ve never heard anyone recommend this before. With 13 years of monitoring a child with a dairy allergy, I wouldn’t say just calling it a milk allergy is good advice.

  8. This may be a little long, but I hope it helps someone else. I was told I have an intolerance because the reaction is intestinal. BS. I may be a rare case. I get a sudden and severe violent gastrointestinal reaction when I have anything containing Cow’s milk Fat. I can take non-fat powdered milk, make it into liquid, and use it for pancakes, mashed potatoes, etc. At 18 I tried Lactaid. I had the same doubled-over/sweating/cramping/wishing I was dead intestinal reaction I have to milk fat! So I Know it is Not the lactose. I am 45. Other (soy/rice/nut) milks were not common/available until recently. I have not tried the liquid non-fat milk out of fear. I know I can use the dry. I have slight gas when I eat “too much” goat/sheep/water buffalo cheese. “Too much” meaning I made a lasagna with Mozzarella de Buffala and should only eat one serving at a time. But it was good, and I was at home, so the discomfort and gas were tolerable. I learned my limit. 🙂
    I have found cheese and butter to be very common in breadcrumbs, meatballs, pizza sauce, sub/grinder toppings, artisan breads and salad dressings. Hidden places that I learned about the hard way. Nothing like going out to eat with friends and finding out too late that there is cheese in their herb/italian dressing, or that they use real butter to toast the bun for your turkey burger, or soak their fish/calamari/chicken in buttermilk.
    How did I find this all out?? My grandmother “ran tests” on me, without my knowledge. I visited her every Sunday. She baked dessert and we had tea. She tried different things and then waited to see if I ran to the bathroom within 10 minutes of eating. She did it in small amounts, increasing them as I didn’t react, over the course of 2 years. She tried evaporated and condensed milks, goat milk, yogurt, margarine with a touch of butter, non dairy creamers and stuff with sodium caseinate and whey, etc. She kept her little log and then one day made me a dessert using the non-fat milk and told me to eat up. I hesitated, so she told me what she had been doing. So I hope this can help someone not have to spend years of time and agony to maybe find an answer.

    1. Very helpful information.
      To think I’m 57 and thinking its the lactose.
      Your grandma was very wise & sweet!
      I recently spent a lot of $ on a whey protein drink ‘ lactose free’ that gives me hives . Thinking ‘what the heck?
      Here’s my answer ‘ why’
      Thanks very much

      1. You are welcome! I hope that what is true for me is true for you also. It has made life much easier knowing. If you do try the powdered non fat milk, and have no reactions, I would love to have your confirmation on what I have experienced. Take care!

    2. We just recently discovered that my son is unable to process/digest milk fat for some reason. He has had feeding issues since birth, has had numerous tests with nothing showing up. We then tried lactose free for over a year and his problems only increased. We found a new dr and her thing was since he is not allergic to the protein or lactose then it must be the milk fat. Switching his diet has made a world of difference, but now we are challenged with finding foods he will eat. He just turned 8 but because of all of the pain and suffering he has gone through he is now a very selective eater and won’t try new foods. I’m glad to hear he is not the only one with this problem!

  9. Im allegic to milk and cant have it or ill throw up….I cant have any milk I couldnt even handle breast milk I believe this helped…alot of ppl think im lactose but il not.

    1. I also have a casein allergy and allergy to egg whites.. I was a preemie and found out that preemies seem to be more prone to allergies. Also my mother did not have good prenatal care or diet. That has also factored in. I have many more food allergies. Am now going to a dietitcian so I can figure out what I can eat.

  10. The milk allergy has many myths that people mostly seem messing around with unmatched facts! In that, we appreciate such write-ups focusing about the difference and in-depth knowledge. Accurate diagnosis of allergy is what we need. It’s a key reason behind the most suitable allergy treatment too.

  11. We discovered my sons milk allergy at 9 months old. We carried an epipen for years. It was severe. He’s 11 now, and still will react to milk and dairy… But it’s getting better with time and age, and he’s now 100lbs.
    Does anyone know why he can have butter on his toast, in his pasta, etc but when he tried a piece of chocolate he felt awful… He could never have butter before!!

    Still learning,

  12. Trying to fibd an answer:
    I was told lactose intolerant 35 yrs ago but i can a little ice cream or a slice of chesse pizza, only get a little stomach rumble. I cannot eat other chesses, drink milk, yougurt. Butter and Mayo are like my cut is out if control. Get sweats, heart races, palms if my hands itch, pain is worse than labor and multipke bathroom trips.
    lactaid pills do nothing. Judt took the lactoe test and its negative. So confused
    Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.

  13. 48 years ago I started getting bad stomach cramps and was eventually told it was caused by dairy. I stopped dairy and the cramps went away. Two years later allergy testing showed me allergic to what seemed like almost everything. I pretty much threw up my hands and decided to live with it.

    As years went by I discovered I could have ice cream without the cramps. Excessive sneezing from unknown causes was normal. On and off I went through dairy free phases and other dietary approaches. Presently on my own version of GAPS diet which seems pretty good and using energy healing and intuition methods to shine a light on my path. While it may not be perfect it is much better then anything else I have tried over the years.

    I write to say that dairy may show itself in other ways over time. Since dairy is a natural opiate producer in the intestines I have found it extremely easy to deny dairy as a cause of side affects while consuming it. Brain fog has always been a big issue as has been chronic fatigue energy issues. While I have had extreme allergies to many things I see dairy as a BIG red flag. I think foggy thinking has been a big price I have paid for my journeys back to dairy. Finally I feel like I understand most of my bigger allergy picture and how allergies work for me. Some day I am hoping I will be able to have small quantities of dairy again without affect.

    As for the terminology, wow, I do not want to even go there, the results are sufficient for me.

  14. So I have a question, I know that I am not lactose intolerant, nor am I lactose sensitive. However, I have started noticing some issues with things like sour cream, cream cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese. Is it possible to have a sensitivity to any of these things without having issues with milk itself?

    1. I am fourteen and recently found out I am allergic to cows milk, goat milk, and horse milk. I was having heart burn and felt horrible for about a month with the same foods you described. Got my blood taken and found out I am allergic. I can have dairy free icecream so maybe you are just intolerant to milk itself.

      1. I never had blood tests. They didn’t do that when I was young (I am 47). I am allergic to the fat in cow’s milk. I don’t know if that is a specific test, but I can take powered not fat dry milk and make milk from it by adding water and am absolutely fine. It may be worth looking into. I can also have mil derivatives, like sodium casienate, which is in a lot of non-dairy creamers, incase you want coffee drinks with all of the fund flavors.

  15. “The negligence of the restaurant manager was close to kill my 5 years old daughter”
    1 of 5 stars Pending review
    I was last week in Barcelo Palace the luxe with my wife and 3 kids , my youngest daughter is allergic to milk products .
    First of January we had dinner in one of the restaurants in the complex (Mexico Lindo ). When we arrived I communicate with the manager that my daughter is allergic to ALL the milk products ( Milk , cream , cheese , butter ) and i show him the Barcelo internal letter that document the allergy . He was nor professional and he told us that the waiter will take care of the orders . I explain the waiter and show the letter . The waiter told us don’t worry i will communicate with the chef …. we order the food ( Boiled rice and and boiled vegetables and some french fries ) , they bring a fried rice with potatoes with CHEESE or CREAM …. My son fast recognised the cheese and we reject the food before my daughter ate . We order again telling the waiter what means for my daughter if she eat milk …. after 4 minutes he bring some rice the potatoes and boiled vegetables ….my daughter ate and she star to have problems ( coughing and problems to breath) we recognise quick the signs of the allergy and we depart to our room 8941 where we have some medicines for the shock … my daughter did not react and we call the doctor and she call the ambulance …. we where waiting the ambulance and my daughter was not able to breath … the Doctor call and told us that the ambulance will take still 30 minutes and i told the doctor that we can’t wait and we will inject the adrenaline injection . After 15 minutes the doctor arrive and take care of my daughter and we did not when to the hospital .
    Today I am still waiting for the Director or somebody to apologise or have some interest of my daughter health .
    One time food cross contaminate is a mistake , twice is neglicence and i thing the Director of the Hotel and the manager of the restaurant are bad professionals .
    I want to say too that in the same hotel we have extraordinary allergic friendly service in the Buffet Mirador and Hacenda and the manager Alejandrina German and the rest of the managers where all the time doing and excellence job with the food of my daughter .
    Thanks a lot
    Is Barcelo responsibility to have train managers and accountable Directors and I find the best and the worse ( Director and manager in Mexico Lindo ) in the same hotel .
    My daughter is fine but our holidays was disrupted …….
    I have been in Barcelo Santi Petri and other Barcelo Hotels and I never have any problem . Is the first time that i write a review but … no Director or anybody give me an explanation why … why and what the are going to do to avoid that will not happen again .
    Please allergy can kill !

    Stayed January 2016

  16. I’ve seen some interesting comments on here from people’s experiences. I was able to drink milk and have dairy when I was young, but they would give me gas, diarrhea,etc if I ate too much and would often cause asthma to get worse with wheezing and breathing. As I got older I became completely intolerant to dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese…)and have problems breathing, and terrible migraine unless the product was made with dried milk or powdered cheese. I am also able to eat food with “enzyme modified” cheese, such as chef boyardee products such as ravioli or spaghetti and meatballs. I can also eat most chocolate candy,and even Doritos and mac and cheese with the powdered mix. I can even eat food with casein and even sometimes whey.

    But add liquid dairy products to something and I get lactose intolerance symptoms as well as breathing trouble. Makes me think there is a specific enzyme or protein that is destroyed in the drying process…

    I tell ya though, for the past 25 years,I have been an insane label reader! It’s bizarre sometimes what you find milk in. I once found milk in plain turkey lunchmeat!

    Best luck to everyone that suffers this! Sorry for being so lengthy!

  17. How is it possible that my son has stomach pain when he eats cheese but can drink milk and eat anything else. Is it possible to be just allergic to cheese??

    1. I’m not sure how it is possible, but I have extreme difficulty digesting cheese, but not ice cream (which has milk in it to various degrees). Within 15 minutes of eating even a small amount of cheese I will have a violent reaction, but ice cream is a completely different story. No aches from the frozen cream product, but what feels like death brewing inside my digestive tract the entire time it is passing through my system with cheese.

      I’ve yet to test milk, but that’s my next step. So yes, it appears that you may in fact be capable of being allergic to cheese without being allergic to milk.

      1. I don’t know if this helps anyone, but one thing I haven’t seen listed in the comments is Caseins. They are proteins found in milk. There are different types of Caseinates and in dairy products not all are necessarily found in the same product. I am allergic to them and a lot more. Example, I use to have cheese, with no problem, but ice cream, would make my nose plugged, eyes water and sneezing fits, where hot chocolate was immediate to the bathroom. Each one had a different type of Caseinate in it. For me, I was able to eat certain dairy related items okay, but not others.over the yrs my list of allergens has grown. There are also people that can’t have soy products if you can’t have milk.

  18. I have a milk allergy. I am not allergic to dairy, I am allergic to milk. So this hits the nail on the head for me. I think others who are commenting may not understand the difference.

  19. I am not sure how to explain my allergy. I do have problems with lactose BUT the more important problem has been all the mucous/sinus swelling/ breathing cold symptoms I have. What do you call that? How do you treat it?

    1. I have the exact same symptoms. I have never been tested, however, I determined that I have a dairy allergy because if I ingest anything with milk or eggs, I get lots of mucus (cold symptoms). Fortunately, I don’t have any stomach reactions. I simply try to stay away from any dairy products.

    2. Sinus infection due to milk allergy. I got one really recently, I didn’t know a milk allergy could do that but is sure can!

  20. Wow, the comments here are more informative than the article. Thanks you guys for sharing your experiences. There’s a lot to be said for anecdotal testimony!
    I am just figuring out that I am not just lactose intolerant all of a sudden, but allergic to “milk products” (that’s the clearest way for me to explain it to myself and others). My symptoms were WAY worse than just abdominal cramps etc. I was whole body sick and was terrified because lactose intolerance didn’t begin to cover the range of reactions I was having.
    What is in our food these days? Honestly. I think there’s more here than meets the eye with regard to ingredients and additives.

  21. I cut out the big dairy items two years ago, but my symptoms weren’t going away. I tried lactaid and it did nothing. I have found that I can’t eat anything with milk ingredients. Even whey in bullion gives me problems. I was told I was lactose intolerant but this seems like something else. Any ideas??

  22. Hi, wow these comments have really helped me. Thanks!!! My stomach is so messed up. The diarrhea and stomach pain and gas and itching etc etc. is driving me crazy and I’ve been so confused about it all. I’m going to try the dried milk for a start. I was so impressed with the grandmother that did her own tests on her g-daughter,.what a beautiful person to do all that. I could cry. I’m having a problem with denial, especially when I go to a restaurant. This is so hard!!!!!!!

    1. My problem is dairy protein. I have found I can’t stand the taste of the fat free powdered milk. But, so far, have had no problem with coconut milk. I am careful to get the organci fat free coconut milk It is one of the few dairy subs I have found to not be a problem

  23. Ugh. Terminology can make a huge difference. If you or a family member is lactose intolerant please read up on commercial listing of ingredients. Some well known baking mixes are lactose free, not necessarily the ones you would expect. Pressed deli meats, sausages, hot dogs, etc. can contain lactose type ingredients. Learn the code words for lactose and read ingredients.

  24. Can you have a reaction to dairy without ingesting the products? A friend’s son just started college and was informed by his room mate’s family AFTER they moved into the dorm that no dairy products could be in the refrigerator or room EVER because “dairy leaks” to other things and contaminates???
    Thanks for the input.

    1. I am allergic to dairy. I get migraines among all the other symptoms. One day I was on an elevator, and as the doors opened I was hit suddenly with a migraine. I stepped out of the elevator and I could smell the pizza! I went into my office and the smell of pizza was so strong that I had to investigate. It seemed that it was coming from the office next to mine. I walked into their office and I saw a stack of 11 steaming pizzas on the reception desk. My migraine was so bad that I had to leave work and take a pill and try and sleep it off!

  25. Some people tend to be a bit sloppy when they toss the milk in the fridge and perhaps a drop or two will slosh out of the carton. Or they drink from a plastic jug and a dribble slides down the outside. Perhaps the roommate needs his own fridge.

  26. I am allergic to milk, but if I have a small amount of it (like just enough to make my cereal moist or a bit in a smoothy. Not a cup of milk) then I am perfectly fine. I’m also fine with all other dairy products like icecream, cheese, and yogurt. I can eat those all day without a reaction. I have gotten (recently) a sinus infection due to the milk allergy and I get pain in my stomach on occassion. It will be slightly difficult (but not hard or life threatening) to breath if I have too much milk as well. It’s more uncomfortable then anything. I was just curious as to why this might be true for milk only, and only in larger quantities.

    1. My daughter has an issue only with cows milk in large quantities. Her doctor explained it is due to the protein they put in milk. She can have all other dairy with no problems.

  27. Okay could someone please help me, whenever I eat ice cream or drink milk, I get horrible stomach cramps, but I can eat cheese and butter just fine, what is wrong with me?!

  28. I am allergic to cheese, cream and maybe milk now… if I eat any, about three hours later I wiifm
    Have to go to bathroom and be stuck there for two hours. At least , and in.. lots of pain.
    You have to be so careful when eating out, cheese seems to be put into every meal as it enhances the taste.
    Hard to find a desert without cream too.
    I am finding milk a hard one, love my coffee, but I do wonder if milk is boiled it might be OK…it seems to be.
    Thanks for all the information given above.

  29. thanks for the post.i havea co-worker who claiims to be “allergic” to milk but she readily ingest products like cupcakes, donuts cookiies, etc that are MADE with milk, but thts somehow not a probllem. Lasagne, too. I have actual food allergies but im not going to call her out on her bs

    1. My 13 year old daughter just had an allergy test and it was just the skin test. Her food allergies are peanuts, almonds cows milk and soy. She was also eating all these things you mentioned

  30. My daughter just turned 4 and since birth has had trouble with foods. She couldn’t have breastmilk or regular formula, both caused severe constipation, we had to use Elecare which was amino acid based. We have gone to an allergist who has done 3 stick tests and they all came up “negative” so they said it wasn’t an allergy, so they called it lactose intolerance. But even with Lactaid, if she has too much, she ends up constipated, with hives, and an upset stomach. The allergist told us it’s not an allergy she is just barely intolerant enough it triggers her eczema which I kind of call BS on but what do I know, I’m just her mother. They also keep telling me she will outgrow it although for the past year I have watched the reactions become quicker and worsen. I stopped taking her to this allergist. Am I wrong to stop going? Does anyone else deal with this?
    Any advice is welcome because here we are 4 years later and still unsure what to put on medical forms.

  31. I am thankful for the information I’m finding here and on other online sites, but LIVID about what I’ve had to go through. Since late Oct., I’ve had a chronic cough (never a sore throat), accompanied by loss of my voice, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern to the variety of my symptoms. Have had numerous doc appts., 2 trips to the ER, broken a rib from hard coughing, had to quit my job because of no voice and all the coughing, have a new med, am irrigating my sinuses twice/day, and have had strange information given to me after having allergy testing. No news from the tests that was different from many years ago (still dust mites, cats, dogs), except milk showed up. I have drank and enjoyed milk and milk products all my life. The allergist said it would be odd to start having a reaction now at the age of 63, and that it would manifest itself as possibly an itchy tongue or lips. Seriously? He couldn’t have told me that it might cause the damn coughing, breathing probs, etc.? I am due to go back to their office on Mon., and also have an appt. with the Pulmonary dept. next week. More of my time and money to waste. I had another change in my reaction a couple of days ago, which caused me to think that maybe milk was doing something else to me. I asked around, and checked online. I’m now going to stop all milk intake to see what will happen. I have had no digestive issues…it’s ALL respiratory. My question is–do I also need to stop using real butter, yogurt, cheese, etc., or just cow’s MILK? I am LIVID about what I’ve had to go thru to get to this point, but hopeful that this is the culprit so that I finally have the answer! Just need some advice as to what all I need to give up, since it is clear to me that I am not lactose intolerant. Thank you.

  32. I don’t understand why I can consume milk, cheeses, and butter but cannot eat ice cream or drink milk shakes without diarrhea and stomach cramps. Searches on the internet bring forth that much-overused, stock answer: “Lactose intolerance”. Wouldn’t lactose intolerance mean you can’t consume ANY foods with dairy product in it, including ice cream and milk shakes?

  33. I spend so much time trying to explain to people, especially the school, that my daughter has an allergy to the protein in milk. And I use the word allergy loosely because it’s actually an intolerance, she cannot digest certain proteins found in cows milk. She can have other dairy products because most do not have the same man made proteins or the proteins have been broken down to an amount she can handle.

  34. My son is allergic to Dairy— but, he doesn’t get rash he gets huge red swollen pus filled “boils” anytime he has dairy –these will start to be red and swelling short time after ingesting and then by next day be “boils”. He also has allergy to other food or medicinal items that causes this same reaction– Is there anybody else out there that reacts like this?

  35. I’d like to encourage people to visit the site vegan dot com. No, you don’t have to be vegan… however they do have quite a few products listed that are egg-free, dairy-free etc… including butter and cheese!! Hope this helps someone!

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