2015 Patient Assistance Resources for Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

UPDATE: 2016 Patient Assistance Resources

If you have been prescribed epinephrine, FARE recommends that you carry two epinephrine auto-injectors with you at all times to make sure you have quick access to this life-saving medication. It’s also important to replace any expired auto-injectors right away so that you always have an up-to-date device.

We know those prescription costs can add up, so we encourage individuals and families who are managing food allergies to take advantage of the following options to help make this medication more affordable.

Please note: The links below are provided for convenience only. FARE does not review, test, sponsor, endorse or recommend any products or services that may appear on our blog.

  1. Mylan Specialty’s “$0 Co-Pay Card” for EpiPen® Auto-Injector

With the $0 co-pay card, you could be eligible to save on up to three EpiPen 2-Pak® or EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons (with a maximum benefit of up to $100 per EpiPen 2-Pak) every time you fill your prescription, now through December 31, 2015.

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  1. Sanofi’s “$0 Co-Pay Offer” for Auvi-Q® Auto-Injector

This card entitles most patients to pay $0 out of pocket for their Auvi-Q prescriptions, with a maximum benefit of $100 per two-pack of Auvi-Q®, up to a maximum of three two-packs per prescription. Fill out the form to join the “Support & Savings Program” to access the offer. This offer can be used an unlimited number of times until the coupon offer expires on December 31, 2015.

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  1. Lineage Therapeutics’ “$0 Co-Pay Offer” for Generic Epinephrine Auto-Injector

The approved generic for Adrenaclick® may provide a lower-cost option to patients. Commercially insured patients will receive their epinephrine auto-injector at $0 cost. Cash paying patients will receive up to $300 off their out-of-pocket cost (This offer is valid for a maximum savings of $100 per pack (limit of 3 packs)).

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Be advised that the devices operate in different ways, so it is important to discuss your options with your doctor and be properly trained to use the device. You can find tips for getting the auto-injector you want and links to important information about each product, and training videos on how to use them on our the epinephrine auto-injector page of our website. Please note that these offers are not valid for prescriptions covered by or submitted for reimbursement under Medicaid, Medicare, or similar federal or state programs.

26 thoughts on “2015 Patient Assistance Resources for Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

  1. i have no insurance and have been prescribed a epi pen.. Is there any help for a free or reduced epipen

  2. I recently became allergic to nuts and was prescribed epi pen to carry at all times….how do I get one without paying $500?

  3. Even with this coupon, my pharmacy says my daughter’s EpiPen will cost close to $500 for a pack of two. This is outrageous.

    Is there an equivalent drug that costs less? Maybe $100 per auto injector, rather than $250.

    I cannot afford to buy an EpiPen at the price they are charging so my daughter goes without a life saving medicine.


    1. Are you still in need of this medication? If so, please feel free to contact me. I May Have Some information @diiana.agu at gmail.com Thanks.

      1. Diana, I have two children with life threatening allergies, one of them is also airborne and topical to touch w/o ingestion. In addition she has R.A.D. Reactive Airway Disease and use Xopenox and Albuterol with benadryl. I called Mylan, and they can only offer the 100 if that discount for both my kids. At this point we are told just for one set each for epi pens its 1360. We didn’t even spend that much last year on all her meds and both epi pens. I called Mylan yesterday 8-23-16 and they basically said unless I am below poverty line or have NO insurance, I am out of luck. We have a 13000 deductable . Any suggestions.

  4. I am in desperate need of sn EpiPen. I’m over 65 & totally disabled fire to degenerative joint disease & haven’t been able to work since 2007. Don’t have insurance & live on soc sec only + $225 retirement month. Rent & util tke most of that. Don’t even hve money for groceries.I’m highly allergic to bees, wasps, hornets etc & hve bn since my mid 30’s.I’ve not bn able to afford Epi Pen since I turned 65 & everytime I go out which is rare b/c the chase me & I’m so petrified that I can’t even go out & enjoy to sit out b/c of this. I can’t even afford $25 for one, that bad shape I’m in. I’m frustrated w/the system. It’s awful when you are going on 67 & can’t even get assistance for anything. Ive worked my whole life since teens to early 2007 & the past yrs of working sure put in a position that I cld no longer do it. It’s so painful & now for past cpl yrs can’t eeven go outside to enjoy life b/c scared of getting stung.

  5. Even though I am a disable school employee, and I pay part of my insurance plan I find I am not able to use your coupon and I cannot afford the insurance co-pay. I am medicare because of disability so I pay for my insurance plan, I pay for medicare, and they do not pay much on the pens go figure, pay pay and they do not cover.

  6. I have the same problem two people mentioned above. I have insurance and my daughter’s epipen is still $365 for one pack with the coupon! I need one for home and one for school, so that’s over $700. To top it off, I have two kids with the allergy. If you have insurance, there is no help. They just say it goes toward your deductible. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t afford this. Mylan is charging consumers way too much for these life saving drugs kids need, but can’t afford

  7. I don’t have any insurance expect medicare. I’m on disability. How can anyone afford the epi pen. Please help.

  8. On July 30th, 20015, I was attacked by several bees on my face from a blueberry bush nest.
    I came very close to shutting down for good!
    I have tried different ways to obtain an epinephrine injector through the physician at the hospital emergency perscription and the coupon for O copay.
    I lost my job recently, lost insurance, lost home.
    How can I get an affordable epinephrine auto-injector in case I am stung again?
    I will be receiving Medicare 12/02/2015, but what do I do in the meantime with no health insurance, knowing my life will be spared again with an epinephrine auto-injector?

  9. I can’t believe how expensive epi pens are. After insurance $400. For 2 pens. Hopefully I don’t get stung again cause I can’t afford them.

  10. Hate to sound ungrateful BUT all-be-it a potentially life saving Rx for our child, it is especially difficult to wrap my mind around the cost (EVERY YEAR) when her Epi-Pens expire.

  11. So my son with autism who it’s hard enough to get to take medicine on time in the first place, now its $500 with a coupon to get him life saving medicine in case things get out of control, which they seem to very fast. The ER nights are exhausting for both of us. So the epi pen, needed to save his lie is too expensive and will keep our testing help back.!

  12. It is very disappointing, I went to CVS today to learn that after the “My epipen savings card” (coupon) I still need to pay over $400 for the epipen. The previous doctor didn’t recommend the epipen, my new doctor is recommending it And when I called them to ask for alternative, they say there is no alternative and they make you feel guilty when you are not sure if you will get it or not. The price for ONE epipen, without the coupon is over $500. REALLY? Very disappointing.

  13. The responses are really crazy. I wouldn’t not realized the struggle of these parents until I switched my health insurance to a high deductible one with HSA. My daughter who has a dairy allergy had tricare her first two years of life and it was an easy $17. Then I made the switch to Aetna who was great and that was a easy $30. But I paid almost $400 out of my paycheck just for the two of us. And if it was a 3 month payday $600. I thought that was ridiculous. We only go to the doctor once a year and her maybe twice to get retested. I switch to Aetna High Deductible plan because of this. But the down side is they only cover so much for a retest for a life threatening allergy and not to mention the epi pen is $574. Which is outrageous. Just two years ago it was half that. You can. I’m grateful for building up my HSA for the past three months but I will still have to pay out of pocket over $200. I’m hoping this savings thing work. Good luck to you other parents out there. It isn’t easy having a child with allergy let alone having to get the epi pen every year.

  14. just quickly looking through annual bills here is the price history of the exact same epi-pen on the exact same BCBS insurance plan: 2010 $131.14; 2012: $202.00; 2014: $394; 2016: $614.30. The $100 coupon got it down to $514 which still unacceptable. Blue Cross says the full price is $732 and that the company can raise the price of these drugs as much as they want. They have reached the point of outrage for me.

  15. Does anyone know where you can buy Adrenaclick (another epinephrine injector)? I can’t seem to find a single pharmacy that carries it.

    1. They should be able to order it. We got it last year for my daughter from Walmart and it was free with our insurance and the $100 off coupon, but this year our plan doesn’t cover it and it costs the same as the epipen. Maybe try asking for the generic epinephrine injection auto injector.

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