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Questions from FARE’s Mail Bag: Second Epinephrine Dose, Dishwashers, Milk Paint

Every day we receive dozens of phone calls, emails, and letters from individuals and families who have questions about food allergies. Below are answers to a few questions that we have received recently:

FARE mailbag

  1. If a second dose of epinephrine is required, should you inject into the same thigh, or the other one?

    Most important during anaphylaxis is to promptly administer a first dose of epinephrine, call 911, and go to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. If symptoms are not subsiding and a second dose of epinephrine is needed, it is most important to deliver the injection. It should not matter which thigh you administer to, so long as the injection is administered properly. If self-administering, the patient should inject in the manner in which they have practiced and feel most comfortable (i.e. using the same hand and method).

  2. Should I wash dishes with allergens on them in the dishwasher?

    Dishwashers are considered to be a good cleaning method for dishes and utensils. Be sure to rinse off any solid food pieces from the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher and double check for any visible residue on the items as you remove them.

  3. Does milk paint pose a threat to those with milk allergies?

    Milk paint does contain real milk proteins (casein), and is used primarily on furniture. However, there are no reported reactions from this paint. Furniture with milk paint is typically coated with a layer of varnish, sealing the protein from the environment.

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