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Elana’s Food Allergy Dance Party

City of residence: San Francisco, CA

How Elana Pushed her Passion: Last year, on her 13th birthday, Elana Sterling decided she wanted to do something special to celebrate – a dance party with all of her friends! Then, she thought it would be even more special to use the party as an opportunity to raise funds for food allergy research, something very important to Elana, who has food allergies herself.


Elana enlisted the help of some of her best friends to be a part of a V.I.P party-planning group who helped her make decisions about the party and get other kids excited about attending the event. They used social media to help promote the party and spread the word about the fundraiser, and the event was a huge success! She hosted another dance party this year for her 14th birthday, and between the two parties Elana was able to raise $1,172 for FARE with the support of her generous friends.


“I watched tons of people donating money, dancing, and just totally psyched to be there. It made all the preparations and planning worthwhile,” said Elana. She now wants to make the dance party fundraiser a tradition for her birthday celebration every year!

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