There’s Always More to Learn – Highlighted Sessions at the 2015 FARE National Food Allergy Conference

The 2015 FARE National Food Allergy Conference will be held May 16-17 at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach in Long Beach, Calif. and will feature dozens of world-class experts and panelists providing practical tips and resources for living well with food allergies. Don’t miss this chance to learn from leading food allergy experts –register and reserve your place in these great sessions and more!


Transforming the Devastating Diagnosis

Speaker: Gina Clowes

Some events in life have such a tremendous impact that life is viewed as “before” and “after” this life-changing occurrence. For some, that event was a child’s diagnosis of life-threatening food allergies.

Even after learning how to read labels, bake “safe” cupcakes, and wipe down airplane seats, many allergy parents still struggle with feelings of guilt, fear, sadness and anger, and are overwhelmed for months or even years after their child’s initial diagnosis.

In this session, participants will learn about the “Cycle of Change,” a framework for adjusting to life with food allergies. Each stage requires a different perspective and strategies for adapting to a “new normal” life while caring for oneself in the process.

What attendees said about Gina’s session last year:

“Excellent session. I learned policies needed to get thinking about my daughter and school without fear. Now I will be organized and ready to take on this journey!”

“Gina was excellent, very smart, engaging, clear, relatable, and frank. So glad I got the chance to hear her.”

New Research, New Hope

Speakers: James R. Baker, MD, Fred Finkelman, MD, Cathy Nagler, PhD

Learn about the latest research into the causes of and treatments for food allergies from three leading experts in the field, FARE’s CEO Dr. James R. Baker, Jr. and two researchers who are investigating food allergies thanks to grants funded by FARE: Fred Finkelman, MD and Cathy Nagler, PhD.

Fred Finkelman, MD, is a FARE grantee who is developing an innovative therapeutic approach that would rapidly and safely suppress food allergies. If successful, this treatment could be applied to all food allergies, from the “top eight” (peanut, tree nuts, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy) to less common food allergies.

Cathy Nagler, PhD, is a FARE grantee whose most recent work examines how intestinal bacteria regulate susceptibility to allergic responses to food.  She is applying the insights gained from studying mouse models to the development of novel probiotic interventions for the prevention and treatment of food allergy.

This and other current research for food allergies as well as future horizons will be discussed, with time allotted for audience questions.

Behind the Label: Understanding Food Labeling Laws, Manufacturing and Risks

Speaker: Steve Gendel, PhD

In this session, Steve Gendel, PhD, who previously was the Food Allergen Coordinator for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will give an insider’s perspective on food labels to our attendees. Consumers with food allergies and their families, rely on food labels to be clear, complete and accurate. This means that all the allergens that are used as ingredients should be declared and that no undeclared allergens should be present. The large number of allergen-related recalls for both the FDA and USDA/Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) regulated products shows that reaching this goal can sometimes be problematic.

A close look at information from both agencies shows that a small number of problems are responsible for most of these recalls. Understanding which problems commonly lead to allergen recalls will help industry develop more effective allergen preventive controls. The number of allergen recalls also serves as a reminder of how important it is for consumers to monitor information from government agencies, food companies and organizations such as FARE on food recalls. Consumers can also help by reporting problems to manufacturers, and to either FDA or FSIS.

View more of the agenda at http://2015farenationalfoodallergyconfe.sched.org/

We hope to see you at the FARE National Food Allergy Conference! Remember to register before March 26, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PT and receive a special “Early Bird” discount! www.foodallergy.org/conference

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