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Alisa’s “Crazy Dress Up Day” for Food Allergies

alisabarkanCity of Residence: Ridgefield, CT

Alisa Barkan was looking for a way to raise awareness and funds for FARE at her son’s school, as he is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. She remembered a story she read in FARE’s Food Allergy News newsletter about a young girl named Haleigh Loso, who hosts an annual silly wig day at her school supporting FARE. She liked the idea, and decided to host her own “Crazy Dress Up Day” at her son’s school. She discussed the idea with the school’s principal, and with support from the administration and teachers, she began planning the special day.

The day of the event, children were asked to make a donation to FARE if they chose to dress up. Most of the children at the school participated, and they raised more than $1,800 by the end of the day! Along with the fun aspect of dressing up in wacky clothes, the principal spoke to the children at lunch time about food allergies using resources from FARE. This helped the kids understand why they were dressing up, and why it was important.

“It was very touching to see the children get off their buses dressed up in crazy outfits and put donations in a jar for FARE. They all knew they were giving this money to help children with food allergies and it showed how much they all cared about their friends who have food allergies,” said Alisa.

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