8 Wins for the Food Allergy Community so far in 2015 – Made Possible by You!

We’re halfway through the year, and already your contributions to FARE have made some incredible things possible! To celebrate our community’s progress so far this year, we’ve made a list of just a few of the many successes you enabled.


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  1. Created the FARE Clinical Network with 22 centers of excellence
    A bold new nationwide initiative that aims to accelerate the development of drugs for patients with food allergies and improve quality of care, the FARE Clinical Network brings together leading research and clinical care facilities with a common goal of ensuring that patients with food allergies have access to state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatments and research.
  2. Released results of new studies funded by FARE
    Findings were released for the groundbreaking LEAP study, as well as important studies on emergency department visits and the role of genetics in peanut allergy.
  3. Helped pass stock epinephrine bills in Wisconsin, Texas and New Hampshire
    FARE worked with lawmakers and our advocates in these states to help ensure schools and other entities, such as restaurants and amusement parks, will be able to stock epinephrine auto-injectors.
  4. Launched the FARE College Food Allergy Program pilot phase in 12 schools
    FARE is providing guidelines, support and free training to 12 pilot schools in order to provide students with food allergies a safer college experience.
  5. Supported 50 local education and awareness initiatives with funding from our Community Outreach Award program
    FARE’s Community Outreach Awards Program provides funding and in-kind support to local food allergy leaders to put on programs – such as conferences, school presentations and other events – to improve understanding of food allergies within their local communities.
  6. Initiated, organized, and led sponsorship of a new consensus study with the Institute of Medicine to answer key food allergy questions
    FARE initiated this project with the Institute of Medicine and is the lead sponsor of this important study, which will examine critical issues and explore unanswered questions surrounding food allergy.
  7. Educated hundreds at the FARE National Food Allergy Conference in Long Beach, Calif.
    Teens, families, and others managing food allergies joined together to learn about living well with food allergies and hear the latest in research, and to make new connections.
  8. Provided grants to 5 investigators in the first FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards
    This new, multimillion-dollar, multiyear research grant program is aimed at attracting gifted early and mid-career investigators to the field of food allergy.

All of these incredible advances were made possible through support from our donors. Imagine how much more we can do with your help.

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