26 Terrific FARE Walk for Food Allergy Team Names

This year, at more than 60 FARE Walk for Food Allergy events across the country, family and friends have joined forces and formed teams to fundraise and connect with the food allergy community.

These teams pick creative names to represent their group, make t-shirts or costumes, and have a blast at the event meeting new people and sharing experiences. When it comes to team names, there are some that are imaginative, clever or downright silly. They creatively use their loved one’s names, have a play on words, ingeniously include their town name – and some even inspire and highlight heroism.

Here are a few of our favorite team names from the 2015 FARE Walk for Food Allergy season so far:

Based on a Loved One’s Name

team OMG fare walk

  • Team OMG (Fairfield County)
  • Sophia’s Fantastics – FAREest In the Land (Fairfield County)
  • Gabriel’s Pirates of the CURE-ibbean (Boston)
  • Mia’s Walkamolies (Chicago)
  • Team Anna-Phylaxis (Orange County)
  • Ray-zing Awareness (Buffalo)
  • Brady Bunch (Philadelphia)

Make You Giggle

sophia's fantastics fairfield fare walk

  • Allergies are No Yolk
  • No Fish? No Whey! (Orlando)
  • Sesame Free Street (Buffalo)
  • Bovine Intervention (Albany)
  • Fraggle Walk (Northern Virginia)
  • No Buts, No Nuts, No Co-Co Nuts (Baltimore)

Highlight a Hometown

  • Allergy Wars: Larchmont Strikes Back (Westchester)
  • Denver Knit Wit Walkers (Denver)
  • North Barrington Food Allergy Fighters (Chicago)
  • Rye Raiders (Westchester)

Powerful and Heroic

kate's kryptomite indianapolis fare walk

  • Conquering Kate’s Kryptonite (Indianapolis)
  • Team Hulk Smash Allergies (Chicago)
  • Kung Food Ninjas (Boston)

Inspire Allergy Awareness

  • Ashley’s Hope for Allergy Awareness (Long Island)
  • Kaitlyn’s Crew for a Cure! (Chicago)
  • The Label Readers (Ridgewood)

Largest Teams

  • Children’s Hospital Colorado – 83 members (Denver)
  • Sunny Side Up – 62 members (Rockville)
  • 5k for VK – 61 members (Ridgewood)

Thank you to all of the fundraisers, volunteers and supporters of the FARE Walk for Food Allergy. There are still dozens of events happening this fall across the country, some with special Halloween and Teal Pumpkin Project™ themes! Register your team at www.foodallergywalk.org.

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  1. That moment when your team name for 4 years running (Kung Food Fighters) gets ripped off (Kung Food Ninjas) and then they get recognition instead of you 🙁

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