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Recipe Roundup: 7 Allergy-Friendly Hanukkah Latkes

Favorite Hanukkah foods like latkes (pancakes) can contain common food allergens like egg, wheat or milk. With some creative substitutions, you can continue to enjoy a traditional holiday meal while avoiding your allergens.

The recipes below can be used to make allergy-friendly (and delicious!) versions of the traditional Hanukkah latke.

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Keep in mind that kosher regulations are different than the labeling regulations enforced by the FDA and USDA. Read our blog post about how to decipher kosher labels.

7 Allergy-Friendly Latkes

No-Potato Chive Latke from My Angel’s Allergies

While allergy to potatoes is rare, rice can be used as a substitute in this recipe for potato-free latkes that is also free of the top eight allergens.

Egg-Free Potato Latkes from Allergy Shmallergy

This mom has three recipes for egg-free latkes, including fun varieties like Cilantro-Jalapeno and Sweet Potato.

Latkes with Carrot from VegKitchen

In this recipe containing grated potato and carrot, oatmeal or quinoa flakes are used as a binding agent rather than the customary eggs.

Basic Latkes from Allergic Kid

With just a few ingredients, this simple recipe is great for a basic crispy potato pancake.

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Happy Hanukkah, from our FARE family to yours!

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