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Holiday Baking Recipes from Allergic Living

Our partners at Allergic Living have tons of allergy-friendly recipes to help you have a delicious holiday season. Here are just a few of their recipes that are free of the top 8 allergens as well as gluten:

Allergy-Friendly and Gluten-Free Holiday Baking List

Making Allergy-Friendly Chocolates

Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Truffles


Festive Chocolate Yule Log: Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly


Gingerbread Trees with Lemon Icing


Easy Allergy-Friendly Fudge

Thanks to Allergic Living for providing an extensive database of recipes to the food allergy community. You can receive $10 off a 2-year subscription or $5 off a 1-year subscription to Allergic Living magazine by becoming a member of FARE. Become a FARE Member.

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  1. I wish all airlines, esp Jet Blue, would stop serving nuts. It is not sufficient to just not have them served to the row in front or in back of you. Of our last three flights, Delta was great, Jet Blue the worst. Acc to its captain,”Then don’t fly Jet Blue if you have a nut allergy.” Really?

  2. Hi! My son has newly diagnosed with food allergies, fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance. It’s tough to figure it all out! I recently started a blog in the hopes to share ideas about food allergies and recipes. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks!

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