Giving Hope: Why I Give to FARE

This holiday season, we are grateful for all of the individuals and families who support FARE throughout the year. It is with help from people like you that FARE continues to accelerate the pace of research and drive meaningful change through food allergy education, advocacy and awareness initiatives.

Some of our loyal supporters shared with us why they donate to FARE. We hope you will consider joining them in making a year-end donation to FARE.


“I am a retired individual who has suffered from food allergies all my life. It is my hope that kids won’t have to go through what I, as well as countless others, did in life. I still worry when traveling and have adjusted my lifestyle to avoid things that may put me at risk of having a reaction. My hope is that some kid with allergies today will soon be able to live without fear and worry.” – Gayle

“We give because FARE has been a lifeline for us, both as an education tool when we had such a steep learning curve and as a hope for a cure in the future.” – Heather


“We support FARE because our twin daughters have some significant food allergies. The email updates from FARE help us to keep abreast of research and also provide ideas for helping to manage life with food allergies.” – Michael

You are my best hope to be able to live normally someday.” – Emily

“There are lots of reasons why I support FARE, but, most importantly, it’s because of the crucial work they do for patients/families with food allergies. FARE’s tremendous successes in advocacy, education, research, and parental support are exemplary.” – Nick

“My daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame and sunflower seeds. As we make food allergy awareness more broad, it will be easier for us to learn to live with less fear and more support. FARE helps us find ways to better manage our food allergies and exciting new developments shed hope each year. I want that progress to continue and if I can help support in any way, I want to be there to help.” – Jenn

Your donation today is critical to our mission and the food allergy community. Together, we can give hope to individuals and families managing food allergies.

Support FARE and Your Donation is Doubled!

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