[VIDEO] “Food Allergy Voices: FARE’s Hope for the Future”

One year ago, FARE announced its new mission: to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments. We are pleased to share a new video, “Food Allergy Voices: FARE’s Hope for the Future,” that captures the heart of our mission.

This video debuted last month at the 18th Annual Food Allergy Ball, where we honored Joseph Ianniello, chief operating officer of CBS Corporation and member of FARE’s Board of Directors. We are proud to have collaborated with CBS to tell the stories of the food allergy community and the important work FARE is doing on their behalf.

FARE is grateful to the families that participated in this video for courageously sharing their stories and for their commitment to raising awareness about the severity of food allergy.

Please share a link to the video with friends, family and on social media to help raise awareness about the life-threatening nature of food allergies. 

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  1. Thank You! I will try and post this to my Facebook so ALL our friends and family will have the opportunity to see this. Believe it of not, some individuals still don’t get it and I’m having to explain the severity and the possible consequences all the time.

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