How to Plan for Food Allergies at Valentine’s Day Parties

Valentine’s Day parties are a tradition for many schools and recreational groups. In order to keep parties safe and inclusive for all kids, it’s important to plan ahead and work together with the adults involved in planning.


Here are some helpful reminders for parents of children with food allergy as this holiday approaches:

  • Remember that candy manufacturers may change packaging for holidays like Valentine’s Day. For example, a peanut butter cup might come in the form of a foil-wrapped heart instead of the tell-tale cup shape. Manufacturers may also employ different production practices for special holiday items, so ingredients or advisory labeling may be different than their everyday counterparts. Don’t assume anything. Read every label, every time. If a label is not available, don’t take chances and avoid the treat.
  • Your child may receive treats from classmates or others that he or she cannot have. Re-emphasize to your child that these sweets shouldn’t be eaten unless a trusted adult has read the labels and said it’s okay.
  • There are lots of creative ideas for non-candy valentines. Searching Pinterest is a great way to find free printables and inspiration. You may also want to buy some safe candy or inexpensive toys or trinkets and prepare a special Valentine’s goodie bag for your child to trade out unsafe items.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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