4 Can’t-Miss Sessions at the FARE National Food Allergy Conference

Coming up May 14-15 in Orlando, the FARE National Food Allergy Conference is your opportunity to come face-to-face with leading experts, researchers and other members of the food allergy community.

Our first-rate educational sessions cover a wide range of topics, so you can choose to follow your interests throughout the day to sessions on research, advocacy or preparing for next school year. Take a look at some of these highlighted sessions for adults, parents, teens and even kids!


  • Parent Session

Double Trouble: Teens and Food Allergies
Speaker: Gina Clowes

Parents of teens know that the parenting methods used from ages 1-11 do not work nearly as well in the teen and tween years. Add to that the fact that teenagers have the highest rate of fatal and near-fatal allergic reactions and it’s clear that the stakes are high for parents to get this right. This session will explore simple ways for you to begin to teach food allergy management to teens.

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  • Adult Session

Eating Well as an Adult with Food Allergies
Speakers: Ellen Karlin, MMSc, RDN, LDN, FADA and Lisa Musician, RD, LDN

This session highlights how choosing safe foods while avoiding food allergens may be compromising your health. Avoiding the allergenic foods is necessary, but not replacing the nutrients found in those foods may be risky. Participants will gain the knowledge to make healthier food selections and still maintain safe preferences. Join us as we discuss balancing safety and healthy food choices.

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  • Teen Session

Planning for College with Food Allergies
Speaker: Jan Hanson, M.A.

In this workshop, practical and important information will be shared to give college-bound students with food allergies, and their families, recommended steps and tips for effective college planning. Key elements will include what to consider for initial planning, what actions to take after acceptance, and strategies for living safely, and fully, while away at college.

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  • Kids Session

Talking about “Itchy Foods”
Speaker: Sarah Valaika

This presentation, geared toward elementary school children with and without food allergies, as well as their parents, is a unique conference program opportunity we are introducing this year. Parents who are traveling to Orlando with younger children may bring them to this session as long as the parent is registered for the conference.

Kids and their parents will learn the most common food allergens, signs and symptoms, and prevention/management strategies in a way that’s developmentally appropriate and provides an opportunity for kids to share stories. Child participants will learn ways to talk to other kids about their food allergies in a positive way that emphasizes non-threatening terminology, and extend their knowledge of food allergies by having a plan for prevention and management.

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You can register and learn more about the FARE National Food Allergy Conference at www.foodallergy.org/conference.

The 2016 FARE National Food Allergy Conference is made possible thanks to generous support from premier sponsor Mylan Specialty L.P. and gold sponsor Enjoy Life Foods.

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