Landmarks Turn Teal for Food Allergies

As millions of New Yorkers and tourists look up from the streets on May 8, they will be greeted with the sight of the Empire State Building shining in teal, the signature color of food allergies. The iconic building is lighting for Food Allergy Awareness Week, and this represents an incredible opportunity to help others understand the seriousness of this disease nationwide.


This year, in addition to the Empire State Building, a number of buildings across the country will be lit teal during Food Allergy Awareness Week, thanks to the efforts of community volunteers. Niagara Falls, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and other landmarks will shine teal!

It takes the combined efforts and empathy of many people to support a person with food allergies. From the waiter at your nearby restaurant to the EMT responding to an emergency call, the general public needs to understand that allergic reactions are serious, know what they can do to help prevent them from happening, and how to respond in case a reaction occurs.

Getting involved during Food Allergy Awareness Week is a great way to help enlist the support of friends, family and others. Visit foodallergyweek.org to download materials and get ideas.


To view a calendar of confirmed lightings, visit Turn it Teal. If you are lucky enough to live near these locations, be sure to visit the site and take a picture!


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