Sneak Peek at Allergic Living’s Summer Magazine

One of the benefits of becoming a FARE member is the discount you receive on the popular Allergic Living magazine. With the deadline for Allergic Living’s Summer 2016 edition approaching – the subscription list closes May 23 –editor Gwen Smith offers a guest blog post for FARE followers with sneak peek into what’s in store for readers. 


We’ve got a great variety in the Summer Allergic Living, starting with my sit-down interview with TV and film actor Sarah Jessica Parker. While we all know Sarah Jessica from her iconic single-girl role in “Sex and the City,” behind the glamor, in real life, she’s actually a mother of three – and a food allergy mom. She talks candidly about her 13-year-old son James Wilkie, and how she works with him to manage his allergies to peanuts and hazelnuts. She also speaks with passion about wanting her son to travel and experience the world – and not be held back by allergic disease.

Speaking of allergy moms – and women named Sarah – some of you know Dr. Sarah Boudreau-Romano, the specialist who blogs as The Allergist Mom, and lives with the challenges of raising four kids with multiple food allergies. In the coming Summer edition article – called “1 Car, 4 Kids, and 10 Allergies,” – Sarah tells the story of her Chicago-based family’s East Coast road trip. What sounds like the impossible journey becomes a memorable adventure, and the article is filled with exceptional tips – from Sarah’s ‘vacation box’ to her inventive food planning.

The new magazine will have considerable research coverage, including a frank and insightful column from FARE CEO Dr. James Baker Jr. about what the LEAP studies mean to the food allergy community. Dr. Baker writes of understanding parents’ frustrations – since past guidelines turned out to have food allergy prevention quite wrong – and explains why he thinks the new approach of early introduction (with physician guidance) holds far more promise.

More Summer ’16 Allergic Living Highlights  

  • Inside the Peanut-in-Cumin Recalls: An investigation into motive and spice safety.
  • Top 8-Free Summer Recipes: Best black bean burgers; chicken thighs with salsa; citrusy potato salad. Plus the coolest icebox cake and strawberry pops.
  • Bakery Tour: Across the nation in search of deliciously ‘friendly’ treats.
  • How to Advocate at School: With Gina Clowes, parenting coach and FARE Director of Education.
  • All About EoE: Answers to top questions about this emerging food allergy.
  • Healthy Home: Asthma-friendly ways to renovate.
  • Ask the Allergy Experts: Featuring Dr. Scott Sicherer, Dr. Hemant Sharma, and Dr. Clifford Bassett.

Subscribe online to Allergic Living magazine by Monday May 23 to get this magazine as part of a new subscription. Reminder to FARE members: As a benefit of membership, you get a special price: $10 off a 2-year subscription or $5 off a 1-year subscription.

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