Food Allergies Take Center Stage during Action Month

Every May, thousands of supporters raise awareness about food allergies across the country. This year, FARE sought to encourage the public to “react to respect” when they meet someone with a food allergy. We’re pleased to showcase some of the efforts taken this May that helped to raise the profile of our cause.

  1. Empire State Building Turns Teal

For the first time in history, the Empire State Building, an internationally recognized landmark, shined the signature color of our cause on May 8, 2016, symbolizing the nation’s growing recognition of the importance of food allergy awareness. We extend our appreciation to the Empire State Building for choosing FARE as a Lighting Partner!


  1. FARE’s Times Square Billboard

Every two minutes, 24 hours a day, FARE was in Times Square promoting food allergy awareness via a billboard at One Times Square. On average, over 300,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square each day. We’re pleased to have this opportunity to educate millions this month about the serious nature of food allergies.


  1. Buildings and Bridges Light Up Teal

Thanks to the efforts of FARE, Turn it Teal, and volunteers across the country, nearly two dozen buildings and bridges lit up teal to support the cause, including Niagara Falls, One World Trade Center, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and more!

Houston City Hall - credit D'Andra Shu
Houston City Hall | Credit: D’Andra Shu
  1. Advocacy Days at Four State Capitals Resonate, Create Awareness

FARE organized awareness days at statehouses in New York, California, Ohio and Illinois, traveling with nearly 100 members of the food allergy community to raise awareness of food allergies and to advocate for state legislation designed to improve the lives of individuals living with them.

NY Advocacy Day

  1. Families and Individuals Take Action

Importantly, in classrooms, libraries, and online, people affected by food allergy educated others.

A FARE supporter gave six presentations at a school in New York!

Kids sing a Food Allergy Awareness Week song!

Tons of supporters wear teal for #TealTakeover!

Including Robyn, who even rocked teal braces and eyeshadow!


Teachers and students learn how to Be a PAL to kids with food allergies!

Thank you to everyone who helped raise awareness this month!

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