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Tips for Communicating with Grandparents and Other Visiting Relatives

You know the routine inside and out. Now you have to communicate it to visitors to your home. When Grandma and Grandpa or other relatives come to visit, it’s important for them to understand allergen avoidance and how to respond in an emergency.

  • Explain the allergy, which foods to avoid, and the safety precautions you follow at home.
  • Describe the symptoms of a reaction and demonstrate how to use an epinephrine auto-injector.
  • Share your child’s Emergency Care Plan and medications that must accompany the child on any outings (activities outside the home).
  • Emphasize that as hard as it is, “just this once” could be dangerous and foods that are off limits are exactly that—off limits.
  • Provide safe foods that can be given as treats, particularly during holiday times or special occasions when food is a big part of the celebration.

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