Why I Give to FARE

It’s been a great year here at FARE, but so much of our success has come from YOU. We are incredibly thankful for the support we’ve received throughout 2016 from individuals and families who have helped FARE continue to redefine the future for the 15 million Americans living with food allergies.

We work hard to ensure that every dollar raised brings us closer to improving the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and providing them hope through the promise of new treatments. Today, some of our loyal supporters share why they give to FARE and help make a difference. 

“FARE is an organization very near and dear to my heart over the past 4 years. My 5 year old son has severe food allergies. We were distboy_glassesraught and unsure how to make all of the changes needed to make him safe and turned to FARE as our primary resource. Since then, I recommend FARE to all parents with children with food allergies to help navigate them through the process.” – Amy

“My grandson’s severe peanut allergy made me aware of the need for much more research, education and advocacy to protect our young and forthcoming generations.” – Bill

“Many of our family members and friends are impacted by food allergies that either they have or that someone they are close to has. As we make food allergy awareness more broad, it will be easier for us to learn to live with less fear and more support. We have a long way to go just to extend tolerance among those not familiar with food allergies. We have a great opportunity to find ways to better manage our food allergies and some exciting new developments shed hope etwo-boys_walkach year. I want that to continue and if I can help support in any way, I want to be there to help.” – Jenn

“FARE has made a big difference in our emotional well-being. When you think you are alone or nobody cares, FARE has been there for us to help. There have been rough times along the way with bullies, schools and those who don’t care. FARE provides a shoulder to lean on.”  – Eric

“When we needed support and friends that understood, we found FARE.” – Becky

“We are so grateful for you! You helped me understand what to do when my daughter was diagnosed with multiple allergies 9 years ago. What to look for, what to ask the Dr., etc…if it was not for FARE, I would have felt more lost and alone than I did at the time. You became my sanity in making me feel I wasn’t alone.” – Donna

“We are thankful for organizations like FARE to keep people educated about food allergy and for giving us hope that one day we might have a cure to the battle we are fighting everyday at every meal.” – Rubnathree-kids_walk

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