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Great Ideas Take the Stage at FARE Teen Summit Innovation Tank

This year’s 11th Annual Teen Summit introduced a few “FARE firsts.” First time in the Midwest. First time with an Ask-the-Experts Hour. And the first ever FARE Innovation Tank, which gave teens from across the nation a chance to pitch their big idea for how to address a problem faced by the food allergy community.

Our incredible Teen Summit inventors did not disappoint. They came up with brilliant ideas and pitched them in 60-second videos. Seven finalists presented the top six ideas at the 2016 FARE Teen Summit in Milwaukee, Wisc. Fielding tough questions from the judges and attendees, the finalists did a fantastic job explaining their innovations. As you can see from the finalists’ pitch videos below, all of these teens had amazing ideas we can definitely see going far.

Erica, mindful of how stressful air travel can be for people with food allergies, pitched a seat cover that will help make travel safer.

Kate remembers all too well the time her mom was practicing how to use an epinephrine auto-injector and accidentally injected herself. After that, Kate was afraid to practice with an auto-injector. But her cuddly invention, Epi-Spot, takes the fear out of practice for kids like her.

Grace noted that technology is a great way to keep people with food allergies safer and make life easier. She pitched an app that would help individuals find their lost epinephrine auto-injector, remember to never leave the house without it and help them find allergy-friendly restaurants.

Katie knows all too well how scary it can be to go out to eat when you have food allergies, but her big idea, teal restaurant tickets, will help restaurants and diners better communicate about food allergies.

Mia and Jackson love to sail, but they don’t love the current selection of waterproof epinephrine cases. That’s why their pitch is for an easy-to-open waterproof case.

As a lacrosse athlete, Madigan sometimes finds herself unable to wear her medical alert jewelry, something that’s important for her safety. But she won’t let her active lifestyle stop her. Her big idea is for medical alert temporary tattoos.

And the winner is… Kate with Epi-Spot! Kate’s idea for training young kids to inject epinephrine earned her the title of FARE’s Young Innovator of the Year and the $100 grand prize.

We can’t wait to see your big idea next November at FARE’s 12th Annual Teen Summit in Newport Beach, Calif. Register to attend by December 31, 2016 and use the promo code InnovationTank to save 10 percent (individual tickets only).

The ideas presented here are the sole property of the young innovators who developed them.

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