Sneak Peek at Allergic Living’s Spring 17 Magazine

One of the benefits of becoming a FARE member is the discount you receive on Allergic Living. With the deadline for the popular magazine’s Spring 17 edition quickly approaching – the subscription list closes February 27 – editor Gwen Smith gives FARE’s followers a sneak peek into what’s in store in the new magazine.

Baby Meets Risky Foods: There has also been a longstanding cultural belief – not rooted in science – that it’s beneficial to delay introducing potential allergens such as eggs or peanuts.

The trouble is – this practice of delaying certain foods has not worked to prevent food allergy, as is evident in the groundbreaking studies of peanut introduction and in the fast rise in general of food allergy as a disease.

Now doctors are advising the introduction of solids, including potential allergens, to babies from an age as young as four months, such as the infant in the photo. (With at-risk children, allergen skin testing may proceed the introduction.)

In its cover article, Allergic Living meets many families entering this brave new world of early food introduction. These parents are facing anxiety when they have reason to suspect their infant could be predisposed to allergies.

Inside their kitchens, this is becoming a psychological struggle to do the right thing for baby and baby’s health. It’s not easy, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. But the encouraging news is that there are feeding strategies that work and this article offers most helpful advice from leading physicians and dietitians – and from those resourceful parents themselves.

FARE Views: Dr. James Baker, FARE’s CEO, contributes a column analyzing the psychological issues that too often impact those with food allergies. He argues that it’s time for mental health guidelines to help children and adults with food allergies to avoid issues such as disordered eating and a diminished quality of life.

Other Spring ’17 Allergic Living Highlights  

  • The Pretenders: In our main recipe feature, chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer give classics – from Elvis’s PB and banana sandwich to Vietnamese spring rolls – a complete allergy-friendly makeover.
    • Spring Desserts: From Top 8-free strawberry pound cake to delightfully dairy-free bakeshop bites.
    Gluten-Free World HQ: Our writer travels to Finland, which has the world’s highest rate of celiac disease, and amazing gluten-free accommodations.
    • Healthy Home: Our roundup of top products for healthier and greener home renovation.
    • Pitfalls of Pollen: Spring hay fever can exact a tough toll, especially on those with asthma. Learn the latest strategies for symptom control.
    • Ask the Allergy Experts: Featuring Dr. Scott Sicherer, Dr. Hemant Sharma, and Dr. Clifford Bassett.

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