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What We’re Looking Forward to at the 2017 FARE National Food Allergy Conference

The FARE National Food Allergy Conference gathers leading food allergy experts and the food allergy community for a weekend of world-class programming each year. This year’s conference features speakers such as allergist and researcher Dr. Scott Sicherer, disability rights attorney Mary Vargas, educator and performer Kyle Dine, researcher Dr. Kathy Nagler, civil rights attorney Jim Long, and food allergy blogger Sharon Wong. The weekend also includes featured exhibitors, separate teen and adult socials on Saturday night, and a Sunday morning Fun Walk around the San Antonio Riverwalk area.

FARE asked several of the food allergy parents who have registered for this year’s FARE National Food Allergy Conference to share what they are looking forward to at the conference next month. Here’s what they said:

I am looking forward to the FARE conference to be able to learn about the latest developments in food allergy research. However, this is not the only reason I am looking forward to the conference. I am excited to be surrounded by a community of people who truly understand all aspects of food allergies. I look forward to listening to speakers, meeting FARE representatives, and talking with other families impacted by food allergies. I am eager to learn new information. The more information we have about food allergies the safer we can keep our children. – Brittany R.

Having food allergies or managing food allergies is scary and isolating. Since I have become involved with FARE, I have created a network of support and have been kept informed on policies, recalls, food choices, and research. Each event I have attended, I have walked away learning a little more about this disease. This will be my first conference and I am looking forward to the sessions such as managing my child’s anxiety, understanding when to use an epinephrine auto-injector, creating meals, interpreting medical findings, and expanding my support network. My son relies on me for the answers and this conference will help me help him navigate each phase of the disease and his stages of life.– Sandhya S.

I look forward to attending the 2017 FARE National Food Allergy Conference, a place where leading food allergy experts, the nation’s top allergists, and members of the food allergy community can assemble to exchange the most up-to-date and cutting-edge research and developments, clinical trial results, breakthrough treatments, theories, and discoveries. I am eager to acquire unparalleled insight, tips, tricks, and methods of coping with food allergies, by actively participating in FARE’s dynamic programming opportunities.  Likewise, I look forward to networking with those who share a similar passion and commitment to helping the food allergy community, and to unifying with the attendees in a collaborative effort to be an emboldened and powerful voice for the food allergy community.  – Courtney F.

I’m so looking forward to attending my very first FARE conference. We began our food allergy journey five years ago when my oldest son was diagnosed with a severe anaphylactic peanut allergy. It was eye-opening and we began to get educated. We learned so much the first year and our most valuable resources were our fantastic allergist and FARE. Since that first diagnosis, my second son was diagnosed with and has outgrown egg and dairy allergies. And just this year, I discovered I am severely allergic to peaches which I have eaten my entire life. I’m looking forward to learning more at the upcoming FARE conference and especially meeting others in our community who have been such a blessing, comfort and resource for our family since our food allergy journey began. – Kelly T.

What are you looking forward to? Hearing from expert speakers? The Sunday morning Fun Walk? Meeting other food allergy individuals and families? The chance to see the San Antonio Riverwalk? The teen-only sessions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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