2 thoughts on “FARE Walks

  1. I think this is a great idea. My son has Prader-Willi Syndrome. He has never had any type of candy except for a lollipop. He is almost 8 and has no cavities. His syndrome has an eating disorder attached to it where he never feels full . Therefore , he has a strict diet and food rules. This concept will work great for us. It is very hard to explain to well meaning people … I will have Teal Pumpkins everywhere all year long!!!!!

  2. Great that kids can be covered. I am concerned about ADULTS who are 65 and have Medicare and are not eligible for assistance and medical companies who block the prescriptions written by their physicians. There is no help, assistance YOU go without and it is them that have your life saying who will live or who will die. My sister is paying $400.00 a month for insurance and the WELL CARE INSURANCE COMPANY does not cover this medication. My sister is severely allergic to bees (has been sting once before) we almost lost her. She can not get the insurance company to understand that it is life-threatening. Still they can decide who lives or dies. We were told to check with manufacture for assistance, call Medicare (they refused to help not covered period). Her physician wrote a letter to the insurance company to request an exception 5 times denied!!!!. Anyone have suggestions that will really work.

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