Food Allergy Research

Food Allergy Research Update

FARE’s Fall edition of Food Allergy News contained a research update on four new food allergy studies, two of which received funding from FARE. Excerpts about the findings of each study are below; click the links to read the full text in our e-newsletter. Awareness May Be Stabilizing Emergency Department Visits In 2011, researchers reported that food… Continue reading Food Allergy Research Update


A Letter from Santa to Your Child with Food Allergy

We all know that Santa Claus loves when kids leave him milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. Santa knows all about food allergies though and wants your kids to help him spread some cheer! You can download and personalize this letter from Santa to help get your kids in the kitchen and involve them in… Continue reading A Letter from Santa to Your Child with Food Allergy


Food Allergy-Friendly Summer Camps

With the school year winding down, kids across the country are counting down the days until summer. For many kids, summer will include attending a camp. Ensuring a safe (and fun!) camp experience for children with food allergies requires camp staff, physicians, parents, and campers to work together. Our website contains many helpful tips on… Continue reading Food Allergy-Friendly Summer Camps